ned Energies is passionate about the benefits of having solar power in your home or business.

Combined Energies can design and install solar energy systems and process applications for any Government rebates.

There are no changes or modifications needed to equipment, building or wiring, only installation of solar panels on a northern facing roof (area approximately 8m2 required per 1 kWatt of panels), a grid interactive inverter to convert power from the solar panels to A/C electricity and a specialised meter supplied from Ergon to record power used and produced. Combined Energies can also install battery storage grid systems.

Queensland has on average 3000 hours of sunshine per year, so it makes sense to utilise that in a way that saves your family money and works with nature rather than against it.

All equipment we install is of the highest quality with warranties on each piece. Panels have a 10 year full warranty with 25 year output warranty. Inverters have minimum 3 to 5 years warranty depending on type of inverter with some having a 10 year optional warranty. Mounting frames all have a ten year warranty. All workmanship is guaranteed for five years.

Current Government incentives are the Solar Credits Scheme which is calculated on the size of the system installed and current market prices of STC's (solar trade certificates) that are onsold.
The new scheme is open to everyone including businesses, business properties as well as residential and investment properties. For more details, please call.

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